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HerringUSAFDick and Kay Moore are presented a certificate of appreciation from Chief Master Sergeant Herring of the United States Air Force. The Moore Tree Farm is one of 800 Tree Farms that donated trees for our Troops in 2009.

Here is a message from one of our Trees for Troops recipients:

Dear Moore Family,

Thanks for the Christmas tree. It was a major surprise! I was not expecting a tree let alone a real one. The smell makes all the difference. Your tree has reach the top of the military here in Afghanistan. I work for at the Headquarters of ISAF here in Kabul, Afghanistan. Of course in our department we have a real tree while the general himself only has a fake one!

We work in a secure environment and are not allowed to have cameras in our work area. I am enclosing the tree that we set up in a corner so we can take a picture. It normally is kept out in the open where everyone can see. I also enclosed a picture of our group. It was taken a few months ago in front of the the ISAF HQ. As you can see you not only have affected America troops but also international troops. We are a group from all 4 US military services and 12 different countries from Norway to Turkey to the land down under.

Thanks for the tree and the support.

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Firstt4tThe Moore Tree Team poses under a Trees for Troop Banner. The year is 2005 and the Moore Tree Farm was where the first tree was picked up. It is now 15 years and 244,000 trees later.